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We booked the hide a half year in advance. Seeing a bear would be the highlight of our holiday since we are both animal lovers. Peep was really helpful during the arrangements! On the night itself we didn’t see bears which was really disappointing. Maybe the rain had something to do with it. We arranged a second night and boy were we glad we did. We saw a bear coming walking out of the woods a couple of times. An amazing sight! Definitely worth it.
The first night we shared the cabin with two other people but we still had our own (private) part of the cabin. The second night we had the whole cabin for just the two of us.
This experience was great, I recommend it!

Date of experience:August 2019

I was thrilled to discover Natourest’s overnight stay in a bear hide! The staff at Natourest were hugely helpful and helped me to find the best opportunity and travel options. The hides are comfortable, completely bug free, and are split into two to allow for some privacy. As a woman travelling on my own I had no concerns at all about overnighting in the wilderness! I was SUPER lucky and we had multiple bear sightings, as well as raccoon dogs and a wide variety of birds. I highly recommend this experience!

Date of experience: June 2019

Firstly, let me just say the older reviews referring to bugs in the huts and noisy at night, etc. are for the old hides, they’ve now got newly built upgraded hides that are clean, comfortable, warm, completely bug-free, quiet and all around fantastic for sleeping and nature watching.

We saw 2 brown bears and it was an absolutely amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is remotely interested in animals/nature.

Fantastic communication, customer service and friendliness from the company that helped organised it.

Can’t recommend this enough!

Date of experience: September 2018

Great time bear watching from a basic but safe wooden hide! We saw bears on two occasions and 3 in total i believe. Surreal experience and very exciting. Such an adrenaline rush. It was a bittersweet moment as the bears came after it was too dark to film, but that also forced me to enjoy the viewing and not worry about the footage. Worth it! A great story to be told.

Date of experience: May 2018

Stayed in two person luxury photo hide for two nights in July 2016. Saw bears on six occasions between these nights. Lots of other wildlife as well. Couple of things to say which aren’t a complaints at all but should be known, hide is approx. mile from hide from meeting point down rough path, mosquitoes are nasty, make sure you have net or repellent and have an outdoor pillow to help sleep better. Would thoroughly recommend throughout for a hopefully more than a life time experience.

Date of experience: July 2016

We were glad of the Tom Tom which got us easily to the meeting place. Prewarned about mozzi spray we set off to the hide and made ourselves comfortable. The seats are excellent and I was pleasantly surprised at the non smelly dry loo and the comfortable bunks where we all, at some stage through the night, managed to sleep. The one or two mozzies that managed to get in to the hide we managed to splat fairly quickly so no reason problem here at all.
The raccoon dogs, then the fabulous, enormous brown bears appeared as on cue. Although they are clearly habituated to this clearing, they seem to have learned to ignore the hides. The power of the bears was obvious as they swatted away the stones „hiding“ the fish. When the second bear appeared there was a bit of a stand off, then a loud chase. They can fairly shift when they want to! The raccoon dogs hung around most of the night, picking up scraps. Lots of birds as well, flycatchers, jays, great spotted woodpeckers and a cuckoo, ( heard close by but never saw). Left the hide in the morning for the short walk back to the car more than satified. A brilliant experience. Highly recommended

Date of experience: May 2016

It was the third time we were in Alutaguse. We arrived at the hut, and placed the cameras in place. Fifteen minutes later, he was applying – the raccoon dog. Sniffing around and checked the situation. After few minutes had been a total of five raccoon dogs. At the moment, they are already so thick and furry. The raccoons dogs was there whole evening and posed for our pictures. At one time they all sitting in a row and looked at us as like the cinema. Outside was already shadowy and the time was waiting a bear. Unfortunately, he did not come in the this evening. Previous occasions, he has always been there. Square the night came to eat wild boars. We packed things at eight in the morning, and left the hut. Ultimately still went well, the show offered raccoons dogs and wild boar cattle were fighting with each other. Definitely recommend that everyone go to an experience in itself, in the dark forest and listen to the voices and watching wild animals.

Date of experience: October 2015

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