During the weekend, the team of Natourest and Aktivest came together next to Matsalu National Park, to take part of a training. On Friday, we were walking around in Haapsalu town with a great local town-guide Kaire. Among other things we found out that, 5 different Russian tzars have visited Haapsalu, starting with Alexander I. In the evening we enjoyed the exceptional dinner made by the great cooks of Altmõisa guesthouse.

The next day we listened to a presentation about the Raccoon Dog, whom we see every time we visit the Brown Bear hide. As you may know, they are actually an invasive species, who has settled in quite comfortably. The secrets behind their success are fertility, flexibility and strict parental roles. On average, they have 8-10 puppies (max 15) and they are very flexible about the habitat and food. A male Raccoon Dog spends a lot of time with the pups, while the female is looking for food for herself to produce enough milk for all of her offspring. To meet those furry animals and to learn more about them, you will have to come to one of our tours.