Lahemaa National Park and Brown Bears

Lahemaa National Park and Brown Bears


The small Baltic country of Estonia is known as a real pearl among birdwatchers and general nature lovers. Spring and autumn are the best times to experience the impressive mass migration of birds and get a good sight of some bird and mammal species that are hard to see during other times of the year. On this tour, we’ll mainly stay in Lahemaa National Park, which offers old-growth forests full of life and great locations among the coastline for observing the mass migration of birds. But this tour is not only about the birds, as we’ll discover the rich history of Lahemaa and its former inhabitants, look for Elk in the surrounding forests, and spend an unforgettable night in a Brown Bear watching hide. The cozy hide, equipped with a comfortable bed, mirror-glass window, and a shower is situated in the wildest corner of Estonia – an area called Alutaguse. From the hide, there’s a really good chance of spotting Brown Bears and Raccoon Dogs.


Tour description
Detailed description
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  • Night in a Brown Bear and wildlife watching hide;
  • looking for Roe Deer and Elk
  • mass migration of birds – cranes, geese, arctic waterfowl and songbirds;
  • Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Ural Owl, Pygmy Owl and rare woodpecker species;
  • the manor houses of Lahemaa, fishing villages and coastal culture;
  • nordic coastline with erratic boulders;
  • exploring a peat bog.

Detailed description

Day 1

You get picked up from Tallinn by a local nature guide and start driving (transfer 1h30) towards the eastern part of Estonia. The first destination will be Lahemaa National Park, which was the first national park grounded in the whole Soviet Union. Lahemaa NP was grounded to protect the coastline, old-growth taiga forests, peat bogs and the Baltic-German and Estonian cultural heritage. After checking in our hotel (Vihula Manor Spa Hotel) we will go on our first evening excursion. One of the most important targets on the first evening will be one of Europe’’s biggest mammals – the Elk. The old-growth forests of Lahemaa are also home to several species of owls. On this evening, we hope to hear and see the very tiny but charismatic Pygmy Owl and the imposing Ural Owl. Night in Lahemaa NP

Day 2

After breakfast we’ll go and discover the beautiful coastline and experience the bird migration with a well-experienced guide. Estonia is situated on the East Atlantic flyway route, which every spring and autumn is used by millions of migrating birds. The variable coastline and shallow waters offer great feeding and resting possibilities, so many birds use it also as a stopover. After lunch we will drive to the region of Alutaguse, where we’ll spend the night in a Brown Bear watching hide, where we have really good chances of seeing Brown Bears and Raccoon Dogs. Night in the Brown Bear hide.

Meals: B, Picnic for dinner

Day 3

After the memorable night in the hide, we’ll drive around in nearby forests of Alutaguse looking for Capercaillie and Black Grouse. After that, we’ll return to our accommodation for a late breakfast. After a break, we’ll head out again to explore one of Estonia’s most characteristic and in the meantime, most unique landscapes – the peat bog. Later that day, we’ll get more acquainted with the rich history of the manor houses of Lahemaa NP. Night in Lahemaa NP

Meals: B, Picnic for lunch

Day 4

Return to Tallinn. After breakfast, we’ll leave Lahemaa NP and drive back to Tallinn.
Meals: B


  • Spring 1.05-20.05;
  • autumn 10.09 -15.10.

Price for groups:

  • 2 people 690 EUR per person,
  • 3 people 490 EUR per person,
  • 4 people 390 EUR per person,
  • from 5 people ask for offer.

Tour price includes:

  • Price Includes: 2 picnics, 3 breakfasts:
  • 2 nights in 3*hotel or guesthouse;
  • 1 night in a Brown Bear and wildlife watching hide;
  • local nature guide for 4 days;
  • transport in a car or a minibus.



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